Astala Vista

The Claws are coming out with this Cat Lady! Astala is known for her campy performances and impeccable costuming! Big hair, stiletto nails, and 6 inch heels are a MUST for this Jersey girl! If a closet full of kitty themed costumes and 6 cats of her own weren't enough, Astala officially earned the title of the Crazy Cat Lady of Drag when she released her Cat-Themed dance anthem, "Pussywalk" on iTunes last November! Check it out below!

In addition to her kitty self, Astala hosts 4 of her own monthly shows throughout the tristate area and has audiences in cackles with her comedic and interactive numbers!  Astala loves pairing beloved characters with hilarious concepts that get the audience roaring!  This Campy Queen is the PURRFECT addition to any party or special event!


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