Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, the character of “Bev” came to fruition after Drew(Bev’s boy self) starred in a production of Hairspray and had to play “Edna Turnblad”, an over-the-top motherly female character. Bev loved playing this hilariously overbearing mother character so much she decided to add a few twists and make it her own! Within a few months, Bev was having audiences laughing ’til their stomachs were in knots!

The character of Bev is a foul mouth, Lutheran Christian mother, with larger than life hair, and a larger than life attitude to match! This funny lady has competed in pagaents up and down the coast to show off her funny, and has even taken titles home such as Miss Gulf Coast Comedy Queen 2017, Miss Northeast Comedy Queen 2016, and Philadelphia Drag Wars All Stars Winner! Bev was also featured in Philadelphia's Drag Queens of Comedy Show, alongside legends like Bianca Del Rio and Jackie Beat!

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