Tuesday, June 5th 2018

If you've been thinking about adding a feline edition to your family, what better way to do it than with the Crazy Cat Lady herself?

Join the Crazy Cat Lady of Drag, Astala Vista, for the debut of Kitty Hour, an ALL NEW monthly event to help find some loving kitties their forever homes! Astala and her guests will be able to enjoy delicious cafe treats in the company of some of Philly's cutest kitties all of whom are in need of a special place to call home. Kitty Hour will be complete with kitty themed art's and crafts, cat-astic games, mini prizes, and of course, KITTIES! Whether you're looking for a fun afternoon with a feline friend, or looking to adopt a kitty of your own, Kitty Hour is the perfect Tuesday treat for any kitty lover!

About Astala Vista:

The Claws are coming out with this Cat Lady! Astala is known for her campy performances and impeccable costuming! Big hair, stiletto nails, and 6 inch heels are a MUST for this Jersey girl! If a closet full of kitty themed costumes and 6 cats of her own weren't enough, Astala officially earned the title of the Crazy Cat Lady of Drag when she released her Cat-Themed dance anthem, "Pussywalk" on iTunes last November! Check it out the music video below, part of it was filmed in the Kawaii Kitty Cafe!

Kawaii Kitty Cafe
759 South 4th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147

June 5th 2018 (and Every First Tuesday!)



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