Sherry Pie

Sherry Pie is one deliciously sweet queen! Living at the cross roads of Camp and Glam (Glampy) her larger than life personality and side splitting wit is what keeps her Sweetie Pies coming back for more.

Originally from upstate New York,  Sherry Pie is defiantly a voice for the LGBT community and always ready to fight for equality. She's a big advocate for HIV/Aids awareness and appeared at one of the 2016 hosts for NYC Pride.  

Sherry strongly believes in the power of laughter whether she's making the joke ... or is the joke! 

Sherry is having an amazing journey and can't wait to see what’s next for this Glampy Queen. She calls NYC home and is loving every minute of it.  Sherry is always in search of a place to perform.  Be it a stage, a bar or a back alley, she's ready.  And remember, if you have a pay check she has a talent!  


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